Forklift attachment


Brand: Kaup

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Helping hands for your forklift truck. No matter which loads you have to transport with your forklift truck you can do this best with Kaup attachments.


These attachments turn your forklift truck into a multi-talented and versatile tool. With our comprehensive product range for each kind of application we have acquired an outstanding reputation in the past 40 years… world-wide. The technical press describes Kaup as the leading manufacturer of forklift truck attachments in Europe. In addition to attachments Kaup produces: Container – Spreaders and Stationary Handling Equipment which provide smooth material handling in proven Kaup quality. Kaup know-how is in world-wide demand.

Push Pull

– KAUP Push Pull allow the transportation of loads by means of inexpensive and place saving slip-sheets which are usually made of plastic or cardboard. Expensive and unwieldy wooden pallets are then superfluous. This makes, for example, economical loading of overseas containers feasible.


Multi Pallet Handler

– KAUP Multi Pallet Handler is ideal for transporting more than one pallet at a time in industries characterized by the need to move products faster and more efficiently such as warehousing, beverage and petrochemical.



Paper Roll Clamps

– KAUP roll clamps are designed for heavy duty applications in the paper, printing and transport industries with the popular 360° continuous rotation



Carton Clamps

– KAUP Carton clamps are used world wide for palletless transportation of white goods (fridges, washing machines etc.) and brown goods (electronic entertainment centres e.g. plasma displays etc.). A large choice of attachments and the possibility of an individually designed Carton Clamp to meet your specific requirements covers nearly every operation requirement.



Bale Clamp

– The Bale clamp series are designed for handling various types of bale such as waste paper, tobacco or fabric as well as crates and containers.




– The Rotator increases the efficiency and versatility of a forklift as they can handle conventional loads on pallets as well as emptying bins or boxes by rotating them through 360°.