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Dụng cụ siết lực


Controlled screw tightening in the most widely used range of 2 – 200 N·m without scale
Pre-set, releasing and sturdy tubular torque wrench with rectangular cavity for industry and the trades

Dụng cụ siết lực
Classified to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 Type II Class A, with a factory certificate.
Working accuracy: +/- 3 % tolerance of scale set torque.
The specification of the standard (+/- 4 %) is exceeded.
For controlled bi-directional tightening
Sturdy, satin chrome-plated tubular steel construction, with chrome-plated rectangular cavity (9×12 mm or 14×18 mm)
Release system triggersa tactile and audible signal
Factory depth gauge: 17.5 mm (9×12) or 25 mm (14×18)
Operation only with end fittings with standardised depth gauges, otherwise inaccuracies can arise
Depending on the application, access is possible from the front (e.g. open-end fitting) or side (e.g. reversible ratchet and socket).
If a factory setting is required, please specify the N·m value on the order

Dụng cụ siết lực


Thông số:

Code-No. Article-No. Width Length (L, L1)
7601960 4150-25 22 mm 186 mm
7602180 4150-50 22 mm 246 mm
7602850 4150-85 22 mm 329 mm
7603580 4151-20 33 mm 407 mm